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Fellowship International Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. (F.I.B.I.S.) is a seed that was planted into the heart of the Rev. Dr. Rudolph U. Southwell by the Holy Spirit of God soon after he became a member of the Holy Fellowship Church of God in Christ, in  the town of Snellville, Georgia.  This was confirmed by the fact  that  the Pastor had been nursing that same idea for years, just waiting for God to bring it to fruition,  thus effecting this noteable mark of excellence.  Dr. Southwell has been a Biblical  Apologist, Expositor and Educator for over 30 years, and was Co-founder of the Bronx Deliverance Bible Institute, Bronx N.Y. In 1978. “Fortifying Willing minds for God’s  service.”
Hence F.I.B.I.S. Was born in  September 2006. and  acquired full accreditation in March 2010


About  Lubhaya John, President of:                                        

Fellowship International Bible Institute and Seminary of India.

LUBHAYA JOHNLubhaya John was born on February 3rd 1978, to Samma and mother Seema Masih. Growing up, his family lived in a environment of relative obscurity and penury. When he was six years old, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in a dream and said, “You will be do my ministry, I have chosen you for my work.” When he woke up, he shared the experience with his parents, but they did not believe him, obviously because of his tender age.

On becoming young man Lubhaya forgot about everything, even the vision of Jesus, which he had seen. Later on, he suddenly became violently ill. His parents took him to different places and consulted with several doctors but they had no money to pay the necessary hospital bills and other charges. His parents had no means of getting him help from anywhere. All this time Lubhaya was suffering Terribly.

One day an evangelist named Rafeeq Masih came to their village to do evangelism. Lubhaya’s parents invited the evangelist to come their home and pray for him. Evangelist Rafeeq came and prayed, also prophesied over Lubhaya. He said the Spirit of the Lord told him that Lubhaya has been chosen for the Lord’s ministry. But Lubhaya responded: “I don’t want to do ministry because I don’t like it. I also don’t know anything about the Bible.” Like Moses, he was making excuses to avoid the ministry, but the evangelist responded by expounding to him the word of God regarding repentance and salvation, for about an hour. As the evangelist prayed, the Lord opened the eyes of Lubhaya’s heart, and at once he accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. Within a few days thereafter, and by the grace of God he miraculously received complete healing and deliverance. He subsequently submitted to water baptism and has continued in sweet fellowship with the people of God.

On November 19th 2004, Lubhaya obtained a Teacher/Trainer certificate from the Church of Siyyon, Batala India; on June 15th 2012 he attained to a Bachelor of Theology Degree at the Tabernacle Bible Institute, Punjab, India, (an Affiliate of the International Institute of Church Management Florida, USA); and he obtained his Pastoral Certificate and was ordained on September 15th 2014 at Rehoboth Grace Mission in Haryana, India.

Presently Pastor John, his wife and his 6 member team of faithful friends have started a small ministry doing business for God in Punjab, India. They have been relentlessly spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the unreached people of their area. They are committed to proclaiming the kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel, helping the broken-hearted and setting the captives free. “We are bringing peace, love, faith, hope and revival to the people of India” he passionately remarks. “Please pray for laborers and provision as we are few yet. Our Ministry is blessed with few servants of God laboring in different parts of Punjab.”

Pastor Lubhaya John is Founder/President of NEW JERUSALEM KINGDOM MINISTRY (NJKM). On February 12th 2017, He was Commissioned and Appointed President of Fellowship International Bible Institute and Seminary of India by Dr. Rudolph U. Southwell Sr. Th.D., D. Min. Fellowship International Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. of California USA. He asks for Prayer for special anointing in his ministry, for God’s protection as he travels to various places to conduct open air meetings, cottage meetings, fasting, prayer meetings in different areas at different times.

Pastor John and his wife Nirmal have three children, Slomi (daughter) 19, William Masih (Son) 17, and Blessy John (daughter) 16. Present address: vill: Rania, p.o: Dhariwal, District: Gurdaspur, Punjab state, North India postal code-143519. Email: johnforjesus556@gmail.com , phone +91 9876646363,7087379829.  His motto: “I have come to the ministry field with a great burden to bring the message of salvation to the unreached people of India. I request to you please pray for the laborers and provisions as we are few yet.  We would like to grow our congregations and spread the word to the world. I do hope that you will uphold us and our needs in your daily prayers.”



About our Founder.Dr__Southwell Graduation Pic.
Rudolph Uysses Southwell, the third of six children born to Effie and Oscar Southwell (both deceased), entered this world on May-10th-1949 on the Island of Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles. At the age of five, he was taken to Antigua where he grew up.
From a very tender age, Rudolph demonstrated a propensity for intellectual development, and consequently was awarded, at the age of twelve, a national academic scholarship by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, at the conclusion of an Island-wide examination which incuded thousands of prospective students, ages eleven and twelve, vying for the opportunity to enter the New Secondary School built by the Gov’t. to provide a free secondary education to under-priviledged children, whose parents could not otherwise afford it. He is remembered on that Island for being a member of that elete group of 153 children known as the Golden Grove Secondary School (GGSS”61″) Premier Class, “The Golden Grovers.”
Rudy as he is affectionately called, also has an avid passion for music. He started learning to play the guitar at age thirteen, and by fifteen co-owned a band. He migrated to St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands in 1967, where he played for the then largest orchestra on those islands–Tarkoe and the Playboys.
Many of his friends came to America (mainly New York) for diverse reasons. So did Rudy. He landed in New York on February-18th-1970, eager to explore all the possibilities-good and bad; but on the third Sunday of June 1970,(four months later) that same year, something Good happened to him. He was met by Jesus! He immediately became active in the Church, and enrolled in Bible school in the fall of 1971. Rudy also thought himself to play the organ and saxophone. Over the years though, he has been plagued by a series of heredatary mini strokes which have compromised his abiliy to continue the persuit of his musical career.
Dr. Southwell’s love for the Lord and His word has led him to study at the feet of great Theologians such as Drs. Edward H. Boyce, and Theophelus Sobers of Manhattan Bible Institute NYC., (1971-1975),Dr. Irene Powell, and others at United Christian College, Brooklyn NY (1977-1983); and the Lighthouse Christian College and Seminary, Beebe, Ark. (2006-2007). During this period Dr. Southwell acquired his Doctorate Degree in Theology, and a Masters Degree  in Religious Education.
Dr. Southwell’s Philosophy: “He who stops pursuing education systematically defaults on his ability to effectively impart education.”  This penchant for learning has led Rev. Southwell to do a research and write a dissertation on “The Ministry of the Chaplaincy,” which earned him another Doctorate Degree, the Doctor in Ministry (D. Min.) Degree. Some of this work is evidenced in the manuals on his website on  the Chaplaincy  Ministry  http://www.myfica.org which he has single handedly established in February, 2011.

In 1978 he Co-founded the Bronx Deliverance Bible Institute, Bronx. N.Y., and He was ordained into the Christian Ministry by Rev. Dr. Isaiah J. Jones and the Clergy of the Bronx Pentecostal Deliverance Center Inc., New York on Sunday, June 17th 1979. He has led many precious souls to the Lord in America and across the Caribbean during his ministry. 
Dr. Southwell married to his childhood sweetheart Octavia in September 1970, after a six year courtship.Their union has been blessed with eight children and sixteen (and counting) grand children.                                          

Rudy and siblings 1962
(l. to r.) Alston, Vermalie, Dialin,
Rudy and baby Maurice (deceased)

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