F.I.B.I.S. has been  duly Incorporated under the laws of the States of Georgia  and California as a non-profit Religious, Charitable, Educational Institution. Further, F.I.B.I.S. has met  all of the strict requirements of, and has been approved by the Georgia Non-public Postsecondary Education Commission for exemption from the laws governing the other schools and colleges licensed to operate in the State. Verification  is available at: 2082 E. Exchange Place in Tucker, GA 30084-5305. Phone:770-414-3300; Fax: 770-414-3309                      

  STUDENTS  WANT  TO KNOW    Anyone making an effort to motivate people to study the Scriptures is to be highly commended; and those inspired by God to found a Bible school certainly deserve recognition.  The production of curriculum and the development of programs can represent years of labor-intensive work. Starting a Bible Institute is a very great accomplishment, and accreditation is the public crowning of that achievement.   Of course, every Theological Seminary was unknown when it first began, and it usually requires years of consistent performance to build a good reputation. Christian educational institutions need all the credibility that they can get, but it’s usually difficult to become nationally known. But with some outside assistance we can become more widely known faster.  In the commercial world, consumers have learned that all is not what it appears to be so they employ the saying “Caveat Emptor” or “let the buyer beware.” Likewise, if a student is going to expend time, effort, and money to obtain a degree, it is particularly important to know of the legitimacy, integrity, and prestige of the institution from which it comes.The quality of education  is contingent on these, not  on size, location  or popularity of the school.  (It is not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, rather, it is the size of the fight in the dog).   So how can a prospective student know if the school they are considering is of good quality or not? Well, they realize that an outside viewpoint is more likely to be objective. Thus we have accrediting agencies. An Accreditation Agency is a kind of consumer protection agency in the field of education to ensure as far as possible, that a school is what it says it is and does what it says it does. So the first question in the mind of an informed prospective student is, “Is your school accredited, and by whom?”  All other things being equal, a smart prospective student would definitely prefer an accredited school over an unaccredited one. Accreditation also assures other schools, agencies, and organizations that your School: •    Has appropriate and clearly defined objectives. •    That you offer valid programs that  meet  or exceed  acceptable standards in the world of education. •    That what you promise, you deliver.      WHAT IS ACCREDITATION? By definition, the word “accredit” means to authorize, endorse, and officially approve of. What ordination is to a minister, accreditation is to a School.Accreditation is a group process by which schools voluntarily agree to participate in a set of established standards in order to encourage quality education. Schools are not legally required to become accredited, but it is a very desirable standing. Accredited status means a school has voluntarily undergone a comprehensive examination to determine that it operates at a worthy level of performance.


 There is secular education and there is religious education. Secular schools impart secular education, and therefore seek secular accreditation; Religious educational  institutions receive sacred, Religion-based accreditation—each by their own peers. Religious institutions need no secular accreditation because they offer no secular degrees. Secular accreditation associations are recognized by governmental agencies. They trace their authority back to the government of their respective country. Religious accrediting associations are recognized by the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, which has no supreme central office on earth. Our authority is derived directly from Heaven. “God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, that thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.” Romans 3:4; (see also Acts 2: 22; Romans 14: 18-19). Civil and religious interests are different and have divergent realms of jurisdiction. The State is not superior to the Church. The Church need not wait for approval from the secular world. Civil agencies can not  dictate  the standards of Christian education, any more than an unsaved  police officer can direct the worship of God.

 Theological Seminaries should not necessarily  need to be accredited by accrediting associations that are “recognized” by an agency of the federal government, because it is contrary to the Biblical principle of “Separation of Church and State,” indicated by Christ when He said, “…Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s…” (Mark 12:17).What business does a Christian educator have going to the world of unbelievers for recognition and acknowledgement when II Cor. 6:14 clearly tells us, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?”  The World Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institution, in accordance with the inspired teaching of the Bible, has chosen not to seek endorsement from either the EAES or CHEA.

MPORTANT: The United States Department of  Education does NOT accredit any College, University, Seminary or any Education Program, Here is a quote from  the U.S. Department of  Education’s Web Page:                                     

Under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Nothing specific is said about education in the Constitution; therefore it falls outside federal authority.
In creating the Department of Education, Congress made clear its intention that the secretary of education and other Department officials be prohibited from exercising “any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system.” The establishment of schools and colleges, the development of curricula, the setting of requirements for enrollment and graduation — these are responsibilities handled by the various states and communities, as well as by public and private organizations of all kinds, not by the U.S. Department of Education.”
     We wish to make it perfectly clear that due to the principle of separation of Church and state Mk.12:17; Ja. 4:4; II Cor. 6:14, the WWAC has chosen not to seek endorsement by either the EAES or COPA, but is a rapidly growing and respected network of over 200 schools on the cutting edge of the Cause of Christ.”


    Accrediting standards differ widely from agency to agency. Some are next to impossible to get into, and others don’t check anything. Any so-called accrediting society that offers to accredit your school without knowing anything about your school is just trying to sell you an expensive piece of paper. As there are bogus schools that sell Doctorate degrees, even so there are bogus accrediting agencies that will accept anyone who pays their fee. It is highly unethical for a Bible Institute to accredit itself. It is like a minister ordaining himself. But such worthless self-accreditation is exactly what most “degree mills” do. They try to conceal the fact that their so-called school and so-called accrediting association is at the same place by offering no address for the accrediting association, which is why some accrediting associations are un-locatable.  But the W.W.A.C. has nothing to hide because we know where we stand with God and with man. We can’t please everyone, but we are not afraid of honest questions and reasonable requests. All of our member schools are encouraged to list our name and address in their catalogs and bulletins. And you may rest assured, that when called upon to verify your accreditation with us, we shall render ample support.


   The W.W.A.C. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to making a significant contribution to the promotion of Christian education everywhere. We are governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are reputable born-again Christians. The W.W.A.C. was founded to
     •   Upgrade standards of scholarship among evangelical

•   To award certificates of accreditation to deserving schools
    •   To continue to monitor compliance with set standards.

   We specialize in Theological Seminaries, Christian Colleges, and Bible Institutes of all sizes, including both traditional and alternative programs. We are also concerned with helping any formal ministry teaching the Word of God in an on-going relationship between instructor and students, which may not fit into any denominational mold, to develop into a viable school.

    The W.W.A.C. is part of the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc., which was originally founded early 1972 in Houston, Texas and functions within the 501©3 status of the Internal Revenue Service.  The Board of Directors of the F.G.C.F.I. has formally given its full recognition, endorsement, and approval of the W.W.A.C.

   F.G.C.F.I. has licensed and ordained about 385 Pastors and Evangelists, and is held in highest esteem by them. This parent Organization also has about 190 Churches and Evangelistic Associations, who are legally affiliated with it, some very sizable and bearing much good fruit for the glory of God.

   The W.W.A.C. holds itself accountable to God, the Church, the laws of the land, and the general public. We are non-governmentally connected and we do not engage in partisan political activities. Unlike regional accrediting associations which are limited to one area, we were established as a multi-national association of Christian Educational Institutions.

   The W.W.A.C. is grateful for the opportunity of meeting a real need; and we are thankful for the enthusiastic comments of the global Christian Educational community, as well as the blessings of God. We are one of the most reasonable and one of the fastest expanding net works of Christian Institutions of its kind. Mailing Address: WWAC Inc., 2800 Blendwell Road, Richmond, VA 23224, USA .Telephone / Fax:
(804) 276-4709, E-Mail:


 The W.W.A.C. was founded by Dr. Paul Richardson and a group of Christian Educators associated with the Spirit of Truth Institute. Dr. Richardson has been in full-time Christian service since September, 1958. He is also the Chancellor of the Spirit of Truth Institute, which is not accredited by the W.W.A.C., but by another agency. Being involved in Christian higher education for some years, he has an understanding of the difficulties that confront school administrators, and after some urging by friends finally felt led to fulfill the vision God gave him in 1981 of establishing the W. W .A. C. Dr. Richardson founded two Churches in Texas, two in North Carolina, and now with his wife, Dr. Faye Richardson, co-pastors Christ Worship Center, a Bible-Believing, Christ-Centered, and Spirit-Filled Church, where many scores of ministers have been ordained. Dr. Richardson has taken missions to Japan, Israel, and etc. and has appeared on numerous Television programs.


 Proverbs 29: 11 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”
1.           Our vision is to promote quality Christian education everywhere; and to
serve those  dedicated to teaching Christians and training ministers.
2.           Our mission is to meet the needs of unaccredited, independent Bible
Institutes  that grant  academic  degrees.
3.           Our purpose is to foster professional standards, integrity, and accountability
among our member schools.
4.           Our goal is to enable Evangelical Educational Institutions to demonstrate that
they meet  or 
 exceed acceptable standards of operation and performance.
5.           We want to assist fundamental pastors, who conduct seminars and workshops in
their Churches in an on-going basis to set up their own Bible School.
6.           The W.W.A.C. was also founded to disseminate information about our member
schools   and provide referrals about non-traditional  educational options.
7.           Another duty is to advise the general public of the current status of the institutions
that we have accredited, and assure prospective students of their academic

By the grace of God we are continuing to accomplish these objectives.



  In a way all the world is a classroom and the Spirit of God is our daily Teacher; but the Bible is the basis of all true education, and should be at the heart of every school’s curriculum.  We are very concerned about the Scriptural soundness of the teachings of our member schools. Of course, we don’t attempt to judge every doctrinal detail, but all of our schools should be in general agreement with the following statement of faith:

  1.      We believe all the Holy Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and the
infallible and authoritative  rule of all doctrine and practice for the
church today.
There is only one true and living God: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
—one in three 
and three in one-  The Holy Trinity.
The Lord Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the
Virgin Mary, is the Divine Son of God, lived a sinless life, worked
miracles, and provided for our salvation 
 and healing through his
suffering. He was bodily resurrected from the dead, ascended
to heaven, is at the right hand of God, from whence he shall soon
return to rule the kingdom of God. He is the only Savior of all mankind.
All men are sinners by nature and subject to eternal judgment. Man is a free
moral agent  to choose salvation by repentance from sin and faith on Christ.
  5.      New converts are to be baptized (submerged) in water, pray daily, study
the Bible 
regularly, and fellowship the Church often. The infilling of the
Holy Spirit is an endowment of power from on high and the Gifts thereof
are both needed and available today.
6.      Christ is the Founder and Head of the Church, which is made up of every
  believer on earth. We believe in the ordinance of the Lord’s
7.      We believe in an endless hell and an everlasting heaven. There are angels
and demons.

Based on the foregoing W.W.A.C. declarations, and based further on the fact that F.I.B.I.S. is a Theology specific institute, meaning that our curruculum is  based exclusively on the bible, and biblical incidentals,
 the Board of Directors, at the leading of the Holy Spirit have sought, and are now FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE WORLD WIDE ACCREDITATION COMMISSION OF CHRISTIAN INSTITUTIONS (WWAC). Anyone wishing to contact them for verification  may write to: The WWAC, Dr. Paul Richardson Executive President, 2800 Blendwell Rd., Richmond VA., 23224. We do not condemn secular accrediting Commissions, except that for the most part we find that they are  extremely financially driven and overly  controlling and restrictive. For the sake of students who would like to avail themselves of the Federal Title IV Financial Aid Program however, we will seek that recognition at such time when  we offer secular  courses.

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