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Oh the delight of Accomplishment

Oh the delight of sweet accomplishment

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FREE Christian Worker’s Course  CD


This is the identical outline from which we teach the Christian Workers Course
, and we thank God for the honor of  being able to present it to you freelyIf properly developed, a qualified, experienced expositor should be able to share the intrinsic values of each lesson sheet with maximum impact for at least three credit hours.                                       

This program is designed to equip individuals with the basic training  and qualifications required to work in the several branches of the Christian ministry, to effectively address the Spiritual needs of the Comunity..

Duration: 1 Year… Tuition…$600.00, + Reg. $75.00 ($675.00 Total).

CURRICULUM: Personal work.. Comparative Denominations.. Homiletics..Simplified Christian Doctrine..Practical Work..Much More.

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FREE Evangelism Course CD

This is the identical outline from which we teach the Evangelism Course, and  we thank God for the honor of being able to present it to you freely. If properly developed, a qualified, experienced expositor should be able to share  the intrinsic values of each lesson sheet with maximum impact for least three  credit hours.

Aspiring Evangelists will be trained, motivated, Spiritually inspired and qualified to operate in all three areas of the Evangelistic ministry of the Church, i.e. Personal, Pastoral and ProfessionalEvangelism. They will be endued with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective soul  winning, dramatic Church Revivals, and for addressing the Spiritual needs of all, from their local communities to the world at large.

Duration  1 Year… Tuition $600.00, + Reg. $75.00 ($675.00 Total).

CURRICULUM: Evangelistic Qualifications and Callings.. Homiletics Theory..Practical Application…The Evangelist in Action.. Personal Work with People.. Alter Work.. and much more.

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Duration 2 Years…Tuition 
$1200.00 + 
Reg. $75.00/year ($1350.00)

This course of study leading to an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies is intended to effectively prepare individuals to render proficient service in the  several  branches of the Christian Ministry in any  department of the Church; also to enhance the degree of their aptitude and skill in the systematic study, comprehension, interpretation, application and impartation of the Scriptures, to effect a positive perpetual impact on our Nation and the world.
First Year:       Old Testament Synthesis..New Testament Synthesis..Christ in the  scriptures…The Dispensations..Homiletics ..Typology

Second Year Chapel Assignments..Christ In The Scriptures.. Predictive Prophecy..Personal Divine Life…Systematic Theology..Personal Work

Completion of the General Bible Course, and H.S. Or GED are  prerequisites  for all the following  courses  which  lead  to  Degrees. These courses are  designed to impart the necessary skills, proficiency and a mark of excellence conducive to  the making of a “super star”   Bible expositor  and educator, equipped with the fundamental hermeneutic and Pedagogic abilities to satisfy any Biblically Sound Educational Entity.

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•TEACHERS’ TRAINING  Bachelor of Religious Education(B.R.E.) Degree.
Pre-requisite: Must have successfully completed two (2) year General Bible (Associate Degree) studies

Duration: 2 years. Tuition: $1800.00+ Reg. $150.00/ year ($2100.00)


First Year Junior Religious Education…Psychology… Pedagogy….Administration…Curriculum…Bible Origin

Second Year New Testament Introduction..Christian Missions.. Daily Vacation Bible School..Evangelism.., Practice Teaching …Dissertation
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•UNDER GRADUATE IN THEOLOGY, Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.)Degree.
Pre-requisite: Must have successfully completed two (2) year General Bible (Associate Degree) studies
Duration: (2 yrs) $1800.00, + Registration $150.00Per year($2100.00)
First Year Bible origin…Comparative Religion…New Testament Introduction…Church History

Second Year Revelation…Patrology and Patristics…Hertmeneutics…Apologetics and Evangelism…Thesis

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Pre-requisite: Must have successfully completed ABS or equivalent. F.I.B.I.S Christian Counseling Code of Ethics                                   

Duration (2 yrs) $1800.00 + $150.00/Year Reg. ($2100)    CURRICULUM:                                                                                                      First Year: Old Testament Survey…Survey in Exodus…Advanced James…Personal Evangelism…New Testament Survey…Doctrine of Sin, all with an emphasis on  the principles of Christian Counseling.                                                                                                                  

Second Year: Coming soon.

•ADVANCED PEDAGOGY Master of Religious Education (M.R.E)Degree
Pre-requisite: Must have successfully completed Undergraduate work (B.R.E.)
Duration (2 yrs) $2200.00 + Reg. $150.00/yr (Total $2500.00)
First Year Genesis in light of Modern Research…Public Speaking…John’s Gospel…Anthropology…O.T. Literature.

Second Year Advanced pedagogy…Christian Ethics…Apologetics…Christian Leadership…Patrology & Patristics…Thesis

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•PASTORAL EXCELLENCE Master of Theology  (Th. M)Degree

Pre-requisite: Must have successfully completed Undergraduate work (Th.B).
Duration(2 yrs) Tuition $2200.00 + Reg. 150.00/year (Total $2500.00)
First Year Genesis in light of Modern Research …Public Speaking…Gospel of John…Anthropology…O.T. Literature

Second Year Symbolics and Polemics…Christian Ethics…Psychology…Church Leadership…Parliamentry Procedure

The above courses are now being  offered  via our live distance learning program  (on the internet). You may contact us for additional Information and to enroll.

•DOCTORAL PROGRAM  Total: $2550.00 Plus  the cost of Choice  regalia
Pre-requisite: Must have successfully completed Postgraduate work (Th. M. or M.R.E.).

…Doctor of Theology (Th. D) 

HONORARY DOCTORAL DEGREES $1000.00 Contribution, Plus  the cost of Choice  regalia
” Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.”I Tim.5:17 An honorary degree or a degree honoris causa ( Latin ‘for the sake of the honour’) is an academic degree for which F.I.B.I.S. has waived the usual requirements (such as matriculation,  study and the passing of examinations),  and may be awarded to someone who has no prior connection with F.I.B.I.S. The term  “honorary degree”  is a slight misnomer. “Honoris causa degrees, ”  may be considered to have technically the same standing, and to grant the same privileges and style of address as their substantive counterparts, except where explicitly stated to the contrary. In practice, however, such degrees tend to be popularly considered not to be of the same standing as substantive degrees, except perhaps where the recipient has demonstrated an appropriate level of academic scholarship that would ordinarily qualify them for the award of a substantive degree. The degree is conferred as a means of honoring a distinguished individual’s  contributions to a specific field, or to society in general. The Pastor, Elder, Deacon, Deaconess, Minister of  Music, Missionary, Sunday School Superintendent, Department Head, School Teacher, Public Servant, 
Etc., who by their life and work portray and exemplify proficiency, stewardship, accountability  and a propensity for studying,  personally applying and imparting the tenets of God’s mandates are viable candidates for this high honor.

Categories:    Doctor of Divinity (D.D),…Doctor of Humane Letters (D.H.L),…Doctor of Laws (LLD),  Doctor of Sacred Music (D.S.M.),…Doctor of Sacred Literature(S.L.D).

1. Must be at least 30 years of age.
2. Photocopy of license/ordination certificate(s).
3. Verify minimum of 10 years of ministerial experience.
4. Prepare a minimum one-page resume of your work – names, places, dates, etc.
5. Secure endorsement from two other  licensed  and/or ordained ministers.

•CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM  FREE ($295 for membership)
Free Training Manual

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We have developed This self-study program to help individuals and organizations prepare to proficiently extend the love of Jesus to  the needy beyond the walls  of our churches,  and into the environs of the loveless, destitute and seemingly un-reachable.  Feel free to print and share this manual as far and wide as the Lord enables you to for His Glory.  The training material is absolutely FREE. If however you wish to join our “MILLION CHAPLAIN MOBILIZATION MOVEMENT,”  please click on the membership application below to view member benefits and obtain application.
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Member Benefits and Application

Fellowship International   Bible  Institute and Seminary will make every reasonable effort  possible to see that no one is denied Christian education and training solely because   of  financial  hardships.

NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICY The  FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL BIBLE INSTITUTE AND SEMINARY INC. admits  students  of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights,  privileges, programs  and activities generally accorded or made  available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the  basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in  administration of its  educational  policies, admission policies, or any other  school administered programs.

*   Payment arrangements are available. See Registrar/Bursar.

**    High School diploma or GED helpful but not necessary. Because of the  importance of this knowledge for personal enrichment and  enhanced ability to serve in the Christian ministry,we will provide the  mentoring incidental  to comprehension and practical  application of  the subject matter taught.

***     High School diploma or equivalent required (Refer to Precepts and  Procedures Manual).

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