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"Study to show thyself approved unto God..." II Timothy 2:15

“Study to show thyself approved unto God…”
II Timothy 2:15


Although Fellowship International Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. undertakes the task of compiling this vast treasure trove of Electronic media for your convenience, we do not necessarily agree with or endorse everything claimed, asserted, hypothesized, implied or otherwise expressed in the pages of these various works. Our aim is to provide an intellectually balanced atmosphere where any subject of interest may be investigated and researched from all available angles without prejudice.

An indepth look at our school will reveal our stand on what is important to us and what we teach or otherwise convey.

We are currently  able to provide you in excess of one million (1,000,000) books on this page alone, to God be the glory!!!

Angel Fire Bible Treasury (Free Downloadable Bible Programs)

E-book Library Resources over 33.000 books

Christrian E-Books on-line over 39,000 books

(Great Christian Research Resource)

Free courses Jesus Army 

Additional E-Books Approx 15,000 books

Global Christian E-Book resources

Christian  Media E.Books and more

Plough Christian E-Books More E-Books (inc’l. Astrology/christianity).

More Free E-Books

Audio Book Library Resources Evangelical Outreach Books On-Line Disciples of Jesus Ministry Resources Believers’ E-Book Resources

World Invisible (Watchman Nee) 

The Treshold Books (Calvinistic)

Christian History Institute Christian Issues Net Work Christian Mystics

Pilgrim’s Progress, By John Bunyon

Fox’s Book of the Martyrs; by John Foxe

Smoke Screens

Another Christian Library

Open Bible Information (great resource)

Great Resource (w/Watchman Nee)

Center for Scientific Creation Resources

Christian Courier Resources

The complete charts of Clarence Larkin

Bible Support. com thousands of books, commentaries etc.

Israeli Antiquities Authority Archives (http://www.iaa-archives.org.il/)

Dispenstional Truth (http://www.preservedwords.com/disptruth/title.htm) by Clarence Larkin

Biblical Course  and Lectures by Noted Theologians

SwordSearcher 7

Great Afforfdable Bible resource


http://www.inspiringthots.net/index.htm  E-cards



The Jesuit Conspiracy (The secret plan of the order).

Our GOOGLE E-BOOK COLLECTION ( Please check this out). Amazing

Our Kindle Collection

Bible History On-line

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