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How vast the resources? You tell us

How vast the resources? You tell us

The mission of the  Fellowship International Bible Institute And Seminary Inc. Library is to serve the educational and informational needs of its students, faculty and staff by: (1)providing organized access to information resources and services; (2) careful selection of learning materials; (3) development of lifelong literacy skills for students to competently use throughout their lives; (4) providing access to collections and databases from any location, and (5) continously update equipment, technology, and physical facilities as demanded by the needs of its users. These activities will insure the delivery of quality credit programs to prepare  highly skilled workers that meet the needs of the church, the community  and the world at large.

The following links have been compiled and assembled for your convenience from various sources on the internet. In order to access some of the resources, you may be required to register and/or subscribe to the individual sources. This unfortunately, is beyond our control.

Although Fellowship International Bible Institute and Seminary Inc. undertakes the task of compiling this vast treasure trove of Electronic media for your convenience, we do not necessarily agree with or endorse everything claimed, asserted, hypothesized, implied or otherwise expressed in the pages of these various works. Our aim is to provide an intellectually balanced atmosphere where any subject of interest may be investigated and researched from all available prospectives without prejudice.
An indepth look at our school will reveal our stand on what is important to us and what we teach or otherwise convey.

Ages Virtual Library

Bible Explorer Library
Christian Classics (Etherian Library).

Christian Libraries
Church Leadership Development Resources

Clarifying Christianity (Answers to many questions).
Creation Library
Duke University Library Resources
“Free” Resources
Gwinnett County Public Library
Harvard Theological Libraries
Hermeneutical Resources
Learn Music Free…CHECK THIS OUT!!!
Letter to Caesar from Pontius Pilate, Other documents

Northwestern University Theological Resources
Oxford University Library Services
Resources for Divorce and other Soicial help and counseling
Robert W. Woodruff Library Atlanta University Center
Rutgers University Information & Answers
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Library

The Trial of Jesus, and other Famous trials

Trevecca  Nazarene University  Library
United States Historical Documents 
Vanderbilt Divinity Library

Virtual Salt Resources
Westminster Theological Seminary Library
Yale Divinity Library Resources
Principles of Andragogy (                

The Underground Railroad (Important proponents and important links). 

Maranatha Life Christian Resources                                                                                             

FREE WEB DESIGN CLASSES (INTERESTING)                                                                                             

All about truth resources

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