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"Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow..The Lord has been gracious to the F.I.B.I.S. family. It does not cease to amaze  us, the way in which He has been making the necessary provisions through His people, in order that we may promote the work of “Kingdom Building.” We can do much more  for  God’s glory however. We are presently amassing a video library in anticipation of the provision  of a front load projector or wide screen tv/monitor which  will enable us to provide wholesome video educational, and inspirational information and programming, especially geared to  impact our community’s youth. 

 We have an international outreach ministry where, as much as financially possible, we supply tracts and other literature to the field, and  as the Lord commands, we help provide food for soup kitchens in the Caribbean and elsewhere as we can. Will you help this worthy cause? God bless you.

  If you do not have a church home, but you are inclined to obey God in the paying of HIS  tithes and the giving of YOUR free will offering, You may do so right here. We are a recognized EDUCATIONAL, RELIGIOUS, CHARITABLE organization, under Sec.501(c)3 of the federal Internal Revenue Service  Religious Non-profit code. We enjoy the same priviledges and are held to the same high degree of responsibility and fiduciary  acountability as any church or synagogue. This can be verified be visiting and clicking on search charities. Type in Wildomar California, and you will see our name among the other churches and charities. 

 This page can also be utilized to pay student’s tuition. Just click on  the donation button at left, and follow the instructions. Please remember to type in the purpose for your remittance.    

We humbly solicit your fervent prayer and your benevolent financial support. Your gifts are Tax Deductible, and can be made by uitilizing your credit or debit card here through paypal, or by making your check or money order, and mailng it  to:

   Fellowship International Bible Institute And Seminary Inc                                                                              21616 Coral Rock Lane, Wildomar, CA., 92595

                                      Thank you 


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